How to Choose the Best Best Gardening Tools

By: jim simon

Whether you are an advanced gardener or a novice one, you must know the importance of having the right gardening tools. At first, you might feel overwhelmed with the different choices availble to you, but it really is not that hard. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to purchase the tools that willl give you the most pleasure in your garden.

The first things you must consider are the size of your garden and who the main users of the tools will be. Smaller gardens do not require the same tools or the same amount of tools that larger gardens require. Also, consider the person who will be using the tols. If that person is a woman or a child, common sense dicttates that the tools shold not be very heavy. These are the first parameters that you will use to refine your choices.

When you buy secateurs make sure the blade always stays sharp to avoid damaging the plant. Look for models that have blades that can be sharpened or replaced, models with tension control and with sizes that best fit your hands. Secateurs usually cost around $50 - $130.

Hedge trimmers or shears are handy - but only if you have a hedge, or plan on growing one. Some hedge trimmers have curved blades to stop branches from sliding out when cut.

Forks are used for turning and aerating compost and breaking up lumps of soil. The cheaper ones are often not strong enough for heavy soil, so go for sturdiness instead of price. Forks usually cost around $30 - $100.

A shovel has a scoop blade and is best used to move around dirt and garden soil. A spade has a flat blade great for cutting edges, digging and dividing plants. The edge of a spade should be kept sharpened for clean and efficient cutting will cause the least amount of damage to plants. These are a basic garden necessity and usually cost from $30 - $50.

A pruning saw is used for pruning trees and larger shrubs, while secateurs are for plants like roses. Pruning saws have a narrow curved blade that fits between stems or branches and easily and cuts them as you pull the saw backwards. They are approximately $27- $55.

A chipping hoe is a handy tool for getting rid of small weeds. The Dutch or push-hoe is slightly more user-friendly as the action required to use it does not jar the neck and shoulder quite so much.

The last toll we will consider is the rake. The rake is a staple item in the garden, but you must be selective about which rake you buy. There are two kinds of rakes, but only one is really suitable for a garden.

The garden rake is made of steel and has short tines that are oriented at a ninety degree angle to the handel. These tines are fixed and do not move. The other type of rake is a leaf rake. The leaf rake is metal or plastic and has long tines. The tines on a leafe rake are flexible, makng it unsuitable in the garden.

Up until now, we have discussed buying gardening tools from a hardware store or a gardening speciality store. These are not the only options, however. Yopu can get used equipment from a flea market or a yard sale at a steep discount. Also, fishing organizations sometimes hold large sales to raise money and there are usually a few good to tools to be found here. Know your needs and keep your eyes open, and you will get the tools that are just right for you and your garden before you know it.

Author Resource:-> If you want to find cheap gardening tools, visit some fishing organizations.

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