The Importance of Books in a Child s Life

By: Jane Michael

There is no doubt that children pick up their habits and develop their personalities in part through their interaction with family, teachers, and peers but a child can also learn important life lessons through the reading of books. Books will open a child s mind to explore their imagination and think about things that they may not have ever even crossed their minds before picking up a book. To give a child the opportunity to discover all of the different things they can do and see and be may be the greatest gift in the world for you to give to your child. Although reading should never be forced upon a child as it may make them dislike reading, they should be given every chance to willingly read and enjoy books. The easiest way to do this is to be sure that there are always interesting, age appropriate books in the home for your child to read should they feel like they want to. Having a small book shelf set in a usually quiet place will give your child the perfect atmosphere to enjoy one of their favorite books.

In order to develop your child s interest in reading it is best to start reading to them at a very young age, even before they understand what you are reading. When your child grows to toddler age it is wise to keep a number of children s books on hand. Small children always seem to adore bright, colorful books with a lot of pictures. In the beginning it is not so much about reading but just introducing your child to books in general. If your child becomes familiar with books they will become second nature to them when they are actually at the age in which they can read for themselves.

For younger children Disney books make great beginner books. The pictures in these books are bright and colorful and are a great way to get your little one introduced to books. These books are also great because they come in board books, cloth books, and other durable forms as well, making them perfect for small children. For children a bit older you will want books with a few simple, easy to read words. Little Golden Books are great for beginning readers and will truly start your child off with a love of reading. The stories work as lessons for children that they will carry with them for years to come. Older children tend to enjoy stories with an adventurous theme such as the Harry Potter books. Being that books for older children often come in a series they will keep your child interested in reading. In many cases if a child makes it to this age they will be readers for life, something that will take them even further than the adventures described in the books they read. So if you want to develop your child s mind to its fullest potential and allow them every opportunity possible, don t wait but your child a book today.

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