Cooker Hoods and Your Kitchen

By: Annie Deakin

You may be wondering how important it is to install cooker hoods in kitchens, well with extraction rates of up to 1000 cubic metres per hour, you certainly can see how the use of cooker hoods can increase your efficiency while cooking. Unlike many other appliances, the cooker hoods are not quite so limited in their shape and design. This allows for many different designs between the many different manufacturers.

Some cooker heads geared towards flexibility offer options such as glass canopies to go over the hood. Some of them even go so far as to offer the ability to place two cooker heads beside each other, and install a single glass canopy over the pair of them. This is an appealing asset for those people who have a wide cooking surface, and like the looks of a glass cooker hood.

Many if not all cooking hoods will come with some sort of a filter. Some come with a meter to indicate when the filter needs to be cleaned. Some call this a saturation meter. Many of these filters will be of a metal composition.

There are two basic types of installation for cooker hoods. Either an installation which uses ducting to dispense the extracted air to the outdoors, which is usually referred to as ducted installation. The other style of installation is the type that has no ducting, but makes use of many filters to clean the air before releasing it back into the kitchen. These type of installations are typically referred to as ductless/ recirculating installation.

Lighting is an important aspect to consider when deciding which cooker hood to purchase for your kitchen. Many offer built in lights, and you can usually find combination of fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent. It is important that with the lighting in your cooker hood, you don t need to have a huge wattage. These lights are much closer to your cooking surface than the lights on your ceiling are.

Some of the cooker hoods offer options such as delayed shut offs and timers. These options allow lingering pollutants in the kitchen air to be extracted before turning off. This makes kitchen clean up much easier and therefore much quicker. This is due to the fact that without extracting the polluted air, the grease and other pollutants will settle on cabinets and counters.

One of the advantages of having a cooker hood, is that those foods that you have avoided experimenting with due to their strong odour, can now be experimented with without fear of the strong odour permeating the entire house. This advantage of course is more prominent with the ducted type of installation as opposed to the ductless installation.

Having a functional appliance such as cooker hoods, doesn t have to mean they can t be visually attractive as well. As I stated earlier, cooker heads enjoy the flexibility of many more variations in design than typical kitchen appliances. While no name cooker hoods may be attractive for their lower price tag, it is a good idea to remember that should your cooker hood fail, replacing it involves the cost of not only installing a new one, but also removing the one that failed. This can effectively eliminate and benefit to purchasing the lowest priced one.

Author Resource:-> Annie is an expert furniture and interior design writer.

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